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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Spa Skin Care vs. Store Bought Skin Care

We always hear Spa products are “too expensive”.

It’s okay, we hear the same thing about Coach, Louis Vuitton and Restoration Hardware.

It doesn’t upset me to hear that Spa products are too expensive, to me that just means I represent something AMAZING! 

But… Let’s talk about Spa product cost VS Store bought product cost.
We’ve all stood at the checkout counter at chain stores and have seen the individually wrapped masks with cute packaging for $2.50 a mask….and thought “ this is cheap”, right?  You’ve probably picked one up…..right? It’s ok if you have, everyone has bought one….after all it’s only $2.50!
What did it do for your skin? Did you notice any results? NO, be honest, you didn’t!  Why? Because lack of consistency.
Why? Because using something once does not do anything, just like if you go to the gym one time, do you see muscle that night? NO! If you start a diet today the odds are you won’t see results for at least a week.

Now,  let’s take this a bit further…Let’s say you use this twice a day for a year, you might see “some” results however the cost would add up to $1,825.00, and that is only for the mask!!!!!
No cleanser, toner, eye cream, night cream, day cream, SPF, BUT most of all it’s NOT clinically tested!!!!! There are no known ingredients that are proven to improve your skin. It really is a mask… it’s “masking” the problem. A one size fits all….FYI each individuals skin needs its own regimen.

Now let’s get to the good stuff and talk about Spa skincare. 

Let’s debunk the whole “too expensive” theory. First and foremost Spa skincare has been clinically tested not only for its performance BUT to also make sure it is safe to use on the skin. Spa products are highly effective and result driven which in turn requires less usage of product, therefore they last LONGER! They also penetrate directly into the skin so there is no waste of the product sitting on top of the skin. Sitting on top of the skin does NOTHING but wash or wear off. Spa skin care is NOT a one size fits all because each individual’s skin requires an individual evaluation and product recommendation…. Also your skin may need a different regimen for each different season.

Lastly, in order for a mask to work properly the skin must first be cleansed with a professional cleanser to remove the dirt and debris without being abrasive and removing the skins natural oils. Your daily ritual SHOULD consist of a cleanser, toner, eye cream , and a day cream-not just a mask. But most of all CONSISTENCY!

For less than $1,825.00 we could set you up with your cleanser, toner, eye cream, day cream, and a mask for a YEAR!

Spending $1,825.00 a year on JUST a mask doesn’t sound so cheap does it?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Trend Alert! Glass Hair
First featured in the 60's by the talented Vidal Sassoon, glass hair is making a comeback! I mean c'mon, who doesn't like shiny hair? Don’t worry though, glass hair has nothing to do with actual glass! In fact, it’s a simple process to get that shiny hair that those celebrities flaunt!

So you're probably wondering, well how do i get that? It's as easy as 1-2-3! All you must do, is first get a shine treatment at the salon-it takes all of 20 minutes, and will leave your hair feeling refreshed and looking oh so shiny! If you're feeling bold, you may even want to consider a chop. Creating a fresh, blunt cut will help to enhance and reflect that sheen even more!

Having that shiny, beautiful hair doesn't have to stop at the salon. You can do more at home to enhance those beautiful shiny new locks. When washing your hair, you can use a shampoo that enhances that shine, such as Oribe's Brilliance and Shine Shampoo-which will help you to keep that luster and brilliance. Next apply a high shine gloss, like the Oribe Color glaze that can be used once a week like a conditioner, to create even more added shine. Even coming out of the bottle it looks as pretty and shiny as an ocean pearl-whats not to love? And Don't forget to use a heat protectant when styling your hair, you wouldn't want any of that shine to dull. Something like Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream, will do just the trick-plus it will give you a beautiful, shiny head of hair when you are finished! Straightening those locks of yours will make the effect even more dazzling!

When all is said and done, your hair will be smooth and shiny like fresh cut glass!





Friday, March 13, 2015

What is Dermaplaning ????

What  is a dermaplane facial?
It may sound frightening at first but please continue to read all the facts. A dermaplane facial involves the use of a sterile surgical scalpel that is gently run across the face in short upward strokes. This removes dead skin cells and vellus hairs (peach fuzz). While a surgical scalpel is used, it does not penetrate your skin as it is held at a 45 degree angle, simply intended for scraping the skin.
Here are the benefits of dermaplaning:
Removes Facial Hair
A dermaplane facial has a similar function to the “shaving your face” fad. But it is much more effective because of the type of blade used. This one is much sharper than what you can purchase in stores, and by having a professional aesthetician take care of those problem areas you are much more likely to experience a better result.
Exfoliates Skin
While many people first consider getting a dermaplane facial as a pain-free method to hair removal, the dermaplane facial has many other benefits. And one of these is to remove dead skin cells from the face. Unlike with microdermabrasion and other exfoliation methods, dermaplaning does not require any special chemicals and is non-abrasive. This makes it great for those with sensitive skin while leaving the skin looking naturally flawless and feeling smooth to the touch.
Anti-Aging Properties
First let’s debunk what anti-aging is. Anti-aging products and treatmentsdo not reverse the affects of aging skin. What it does do is prevent any further damage, and help reduce the appearance of the effects damage has already done to the skin. With a dermaplane facial, you essentially shave off that entire top layer of dead skin, reducing fine lines, acne scars and hyperpigmentation . This makes the skin look more awake and revitalized, which gives you that younger appearance.
Many hair removal treatments are painful. Whether you get your facial hair waxed or tweezed, or removed with lasers, the pain of hair removal is unnecessary. While a dermaplane facial is the most harmless. It provides for a completely painless and relaxing experience.
No Down Time
With many other treatments, your face may be beet red after, which leaves you not wanting to go out in public.....dermaplaning does not do that.
Makeup Goes on Smoothly
The best benefits comes how amazing your skin will look.. it will have a gorgeous soft glow to it. Once you get a dermaplane facial, your makeup will easily glide over your now smooth and movie star quality skin.
Book an Appointment for a Dermaplane Facial at Oksana Salon & Spa 413-565-2244
With a dermaplane facial, always see a license professional aesthetician with proper training on dermaplane techniques.